Friday, July 8, 2011

Upcoming Events

It is so hard to believe that we are close to ending the Summer Reading Program!  The Teen Summer Reading Program ends Saturday, July 16th. For all other readers, remember that all your logs are due in no later than the end of business hours July 23.  Please do not put them in the drop boxes!  Sometimes the light weight of the logs means they get caught and we do not find them until days later.  I send the shirt order in first thing Monday morning as soon as the shirt shop opens!  That allows them to have all of our shirts ready for pick up on time and no one has to wait for a shirt.

We have been seeing some exciting reading going on this summer.  If you have any great books you have read, be sure to share the titles with your friends so they can come in and check out the same ones you liked.  We have also gotten in some great new books that can be found on the bookcase by the Youth Services Desk (J) or wire rack (JE) or Young Adult bookcase.

Two Thursday Events are left in July. The 14th of July Nitro Joe returns!  This entertainer is a scientist from the St. Louis area.  He has journeyed to Lincoln before.  In fact he was due here last year but an accident occurred with his equipment and he had to cancel, so everyone is looking forward to seeing him Thursday.  If you haven't called to register, do so ASAP!  The last Thursday Event will be a magic act with Richard Landry, another performer that has been a favorite in past years.

Be sure to check on your school's progress toward winning a trophy.  The knights are marching across the bulletin board to the castle.  A couple have even made it past the fire breathing dragon. See you at the Library!