Monday, November 29, 2010

Ivy is a mother AGAIN!

Ivy had her LAST litter of babies on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Here is a look at our new sweet ones.  Even though they have been fun to watch, they will be going to homes in a few weeks.  They are only true "babies" for less than two weeks.  Ivy has already taught them to eat and drink on their own, but still nurses as well.  She certainly lets them know when she will no longer be their food source!  She is a good "Mom" giving them baths and calling them in to take a nap in their house. Woe be to the little piggy who doesn't mind Mama!

Do any teachers out there need a class pet? My office needs to return to normal after being a guinea pig maternity ward this fall!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Reading Night 2010

Narrators 1 and 3 begin the show with "Mind Your Manners"
Narrator 2 concentrates on the story.

Actors take their places to be introduced in the second skit.

Humpty Dumpty is being questions by Joe Dumpty about the fall from the Wall.

The Three Pigs explain to Joe what happened the day of the big wind.

Actors from the 2010 production take their bows.