Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tutor, Tutor, Help Me Out!

As the school year winds up and the review gives way to fresh and new material, the Library is often asked about tutors that can assist young students with homework, research, and basic skills. As we all know, everyone needs help with a concept now and then, but the cost and scheduling of individual tutors may be impractical for most families. So, we put on our thinking caps, looked at options, and have offerred two great homework helping programs for over a year now.

Monday through Thursday from 3:30 - 4:45, a couple of education majors from Lincoln University will be in the Annex to help students, ages 8 - 12 years, do homework, study for tests, or practice skills. They are located in the Annex building. Students may arrive after school, sign in, and start working. Please check the Library website and other postings for availability as the tutors follow the college schedule, not the local school districts'.

What about the student who can't make it to the library after school, or has a question about just one particularly difficult assignment? The second and most exciting program, Live Homework Help, is offerred EVERY DAY from 4 - 10 PM to learners Kindergarten through College and even adult! It is found on our website homepage. Just click on the icon that looks like a sun with orbitting planets, type in your Lincoln Public Library District card number, select the grade level and subject that you want assistance with and you are automatically hooked up with a live tutor who can provide professional help.

This is a safe, professional service to which the library subscribes. It is free to all our card holders. I presented the program to all the local schools and staff last fall. Now it offers even more age levels and a variety of assistance to adult learners, such as resume writing, GED work, and college coursework. FREE! There are even skill building exercises, resources, etc. that can expand on the topics independent of the tutors.

This service is an amazing tool for students, but is currently being under-utilized by our patrons. You can check out a demonstration any time of the day by accessing the program on our homepage. Parents, please do so! Discuss it with your friends, tell your neighbors or we will be unable to keep this service available for much longer. Give us your feedback!

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